Barry D. Thorpe, Esq. – Managing Member

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and County Mediator

Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator

After more than fifteen years in alternative dispute resolution, it is clear that, all too often, parties have become so emotionally invested in the conflict that they fail to hear and/or heed the precautionary words of counsel. Pathway to Resolution, LLC strives to refocus the parties as to the reasons for the litigation. Acting as a relief valve, we relieve some of the emotions that cloud discussions. Pathway to Resolutions, LLC aims at providing the parties with the tools necessary to enter into meaningful and relevant discussions of the issues with the goal in mind to craft mutually agreeable resolutions. Alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation, is a process wherein the parties can focus on the realities of the litigation and can speak in candor about the underlying facts or issues in conflict.

Pathway to Resolution, LLC, believes that the goal of alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation, is to ensure that the parties have more facts and knowledge about the case than before mediation began. Decisions as to a resolution are only possible if the parties have information necessary to make informed decisions. Thus, our immediate goal is to ensure that the parties have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision on any party’s proposed resolution.  Mediation is a process where the parties can directly talk to one another in a safe, conducive environment, where the information shared is, by law, confidential.

Whether mediation is pre-litigation, requested by a party, or pursuant to court order, it is generally the last opportunity the parties will have for self-determination as to the outcome. Without mediation, a resolution will be imposed upon the parties by a third party, generally a judge and/or jury. Through the alternative dispute resolution process, resolutions are determined by the parties themselves.

All that is necessary is that the parties undertake the process with a willingness to listen.  At Pathway to Resolution, LLC, we believe that within conflict lies opportunities.

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